This are the activities we will be completing in class today:
1. Quel/quelle/quels/quelles all mean WHAT and are used in questions or exclamations.  
Can you come up with a sentence for each one of these? Here are some examples to get you thinking: 
EX: Quel âge as-tu? (age is masculine, singular so quel is as well), Quelle heure est-il? (heure is feminine, singular), Quels sont tes sports préférés? (sports is masculine, plural), Quelles belles filles! (filles is feminine, plural)

2. Finish peer reviewing a friend's penpal letter- I will NOT be making any corrections to the letters before they are sent out. When all corrections have been made and the letter is neatly written, please submit the letter to me.  ALL letters MUST be in to me by today as they will be sent in the mail after school.  

4. Students who finish their penpal letters early will be doing a web search on some French community center websites.  They will complete a worksheet called "Les Activités Amusants
The websites for Les Activités Amusants:

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